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    || Friday, July 09, 2004 || yumyumyum!

Hmm... I went to pick up the SJSU Fall 2004 Catolog thingy... so i can ... omg.. i really should reg. for classes >.> XD;;; i better make this a fast post!

anyway I pick up the Ya, and we headed over to SJSU to pick up the SJ... anyway we got there and decided to go to arcade... ALAS ._. it was closed.. till 12PM (oh the time was about 10)... so... we decided to go to SVGL! so OFF to SVGL!

i didn't change lanes >.> so we ended up on 87... WHICH is OK! because we just went to Emerald Hill Golfland instead. We played a few rounds of Drum Mania and i went to see if still had it on DDR (i sorta have it, i sorta don't >.>).

Ok, now we are heading home.. but the ramp to 680 was blocked XDXDX3 so we ended up going on the ramp to 280 <.< can you say SVGL!? Maybe it was Fate... Fate that lead us to SVGL. We were hoping to see cute girls ;P

anyway, we get to SVGL... it wasn't fate.. it was DESTINY! They have Guitar Freaks 11 and Drum Mania 10, BeatMania IIDX 9th, not to mention the already cool Virtual ON, GGXX, two SCII... but here's the real kicker.... GUILTY GEAR ISUKA!!! RAHH1!!11 OMG that game is st00pid hard XD but st00pid awsome at the same time! OMG XD XD XD yes, it is a day to remmeber. You will see me there at SVGL more often now...

Oh, i love Destiny... We were destined to find those games there and to spread the word... On the way out we a group of cute asian girls playing mini-golf... So.. maybe it's Fate after all... or maybe it's Destiny or Fate... OR FATE AND DESTINY!!!...

anyway.. what IS the difference between Fate and Destiny? i mean.. if i think about it it's the same <.< bah anyway SVGL YAY!

Cinti was eating pancakes w/s3Xy crew at 2:50 PM Link

    || Tuesday, July 06, 2004 || yumyumyum!

[Edited by: The Great Meoxpo Admini Person of this Blog Yaya]
Drive time:
Cinti and Dr.S: about the same time... 5hr+
Kedrin: 2hrs-ish

Reg. line time:
Dr.S, Kedrin, and I: about 5 hours (damn that was a pain in the asp)
DJ: about 2-3 hours...
Danyo: about 4 hours i think
Everyone eles: about DJ's time

High Lights:
~Seeing people i don't really see... including: Carl, Dandan (dancer... omg why x.x;), Seph (picked me up by the legs, spun me around and around and drew attention), Jet (alchemist not bad ;P), SU, Daughter, LJ (OMFG XD and.. good hunter), Ahmed (how do u spell his name XD;;), and i'm sure i'm forgetting people... err chloe, and blahbalhblaha
~Meeting people: Cantih, The Dave, and Nikky
~Danyo Showing up.. DAMN IT!!! omg >.> what a ... "i dunno if i'm going" next thing you know, he's on a plane there >.>
~Dinner at Coco's + Fireworks :D
~Arcade (Jeff Vince and Sataya got better)
~The farting Toilet =3
~Room Service walking in on a half naked guy in a bed with another guy
~The TV set up to stop it from making too much sound, with some four swords and custom robo.

The not cools:
~4th July fire works
~Chaos losing to Loki =.= (RO)
~i got sick agian =.= (then again when am i not sick XD)
~Man Faye talking to us *shiver*
~No GGXX machine >=(

guys.. if u read this add on to it if u remember somethign

MVP: Danyo... he just made the trip a blast... first by showing up.. OK.. he's a dork for not coming down here with us.. but.. man... he was the reason for so many laughs XD;;;

(i'll set up a link later for pics)

and now Cinti's TOP 3 GIRL COUNT DOWN XD
3... "Leon" i'm not giving her real name ;P
She costplayed as Tifa, and a few others i've never heard of...
Parapara and DDR
and the best part...
the fish that didn't get away XD
2... "Hawkeye" Cosplayed as Hawkeye (FMA) and Kyou (FB) ;P she's perttttttttty cute XD but she got away >.< hanging out w/ Marines drop out and... she just was busy... (at least she was eyein me out ;P)
1... "Dealer's Room 'Cat Girl'" =O~ dang.. NUMBER ONE to bad i didn't get to talk to her >.< she's so very cute, but not the prettiest.. but.. who am i to complain >.>

i'll edit post if i remember thigns... that's about it <.< ja ne

Cinti was eating pancakes w/s3Xy crew at 5:22 PM Link

 pancakes yo =o

 up they go and down again!