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    || Saturday, February 11, 2006 || yumyumyum!

At school i hit my other knee on the table... twasn't fun...

However i did go to a japenese rock concert. The group's name is ZZ... THEY WERE AWSOME XD
They played down stairs under some bar. It was a very small room.. and i'd say there were about 40ish people who showed up. There really weren't any barriers or anything. They were playing inches infront of us. IT WAS SOO COOL @_@ I had so much fun. The Keyboardist is extreamly cute too ; ; I want her to have my babies. D: Anyway.. im just to tired to type anything eles that make sence..... so good night everybody XD

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    || Sunday, February 05, 2006 || yumyumyum!

My knee is urple...

Today I went to a friend's b-day party today. Let's call her "Sachi" for now.
She lives about 30 mins from me so it was kind of a pain going, but whatever.

She had fun so that's all that mattered :3

Anyway it was kinda crazy. It was really loud... and the house carries sound well.
Everyone was like 17? Oh god did i feel old. :P

Things didn't too interesting untill we started to Cake, Cookie and Ice Cream part.
Sachi brings out this butcher knife to cut thigns with and the next thing I know some scary white guy has a hold of it.

He starts hacking away at the Cookie. It was amusing... but also very disturbing at the same time. He continued to do the same with the Ice Cream (and the container as well). Though to my surpirse, he manage to scoop some out in the end. But imagine my fear at this moment. Some crazy white guy, freely hacking away at deserts with a butchers knife. Yeah.. i was very thrilled about it.

Anyway, off to the cake. Happy birthday was sung, then the next thing i know, the birthday girl isn't cutting the cake. That white guy was hacking away!
Thank GOD that humorous effect of the knife wore off quickly. But that's when something eles started. A food fight with the cake.

After sitting on the sidelines, thigns finaly died down. Thinking I sould take this opertunity to leave before my head get's chopped off, or my cloths filled w/ desert items, I begin to head out.

Now I'm getting a good bye hug form someone i haven't seen in awhile. It was nice, but she can be a little evil at times. That's when i realized something funny was going on. One arm was no longer hugging me. The cake is also behind me >.> Well, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what she was planning :X Without thinking my arm shot up in the air, blocked the incoming cake then grabbed her wrist. By the time i realized what my body did, couldn't think of what to do next. I notice her disapointed face quickly shattered into a determined one. I started to fend against her and that's when it happend. Wearing socks on a title floor isn't a good idea folks. I slipped and landed on my knee D: Thus my knee is urple :( The cake was bound for me then Sachi finaly steps in and stops it all :D

But yeah.. that's my adventure today.. i should go to bed now.. good night :P

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Katamari Damacy and We <3 Katamari are two of the best games I've ever played.
Not only are they great games but the soundtract kicks ass too.
Thank you Chou. Thank you.

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 pancakes yo =o

 up they go and down again!