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 pancakes yo =o

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:: Vince, Neko (Cat), or Cinti ::
Age: 21 (so much jail bait in the world ;-;)
Gender: ^-^
B-day: 14-9
City: San Jose
Likes: music, anime, alternatice and j-rock, video/pc/arcadegames, my friends (no matter how much i hate u), bass (not the fish), cute girls FTW!!!, and music
Dislikes: alot of things
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a place of my "art"

:: Sano/Jeff ::
Age: 18
Gender: More man than most men
Birthday: 7-25-84
City: San Jose
Likes: Sometimes I just don't know any more...
Hates: People who think they can change me
Value: $2,315,500.00
My Totally Cool, Super Fantastic, Uber Amazing Site

:: Nanona/Saya/Sai ::
Age: 17
Gender: just look at the title
Birthday: November 30, 1985
City: San Jose
Likes: being happy, mink mink, improvs, music, apple beer, helping people, playing pool, initial D
Dislikes: being sad, seeing people sad
Quote: i've had a bad day, and what usually makes me feel better is too see a pretty girl smile. so would you care to smile?
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:: Tsubasa/David ::
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 11, 1984
City: San Jose, CA
Likes: Nakoruru ^_^, anime, manga, video games, graphic design, web design, and the color green
Dislikes: Many things such as dubbed anime, the concept of infinity, and PS2 hardware.

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Name: Sataya-mon
Master: Tichan
Level: 16
Type: Forage/Pokey
Super poke attack X2
Hide in hole
Stare at cute girl
Common Sense
Jump in creek [heh heh]((NEW))

    || Tuesday, March 12, 2002 || yumyumyum!

*phew* ok, finished. sowwie, its yet another one of my make-haste layouts. if you like it, great, if you don't, we can go back to the old layout (don't worrie! i have it saved! ^^), or i can make a new layout... but yes, before you ask, the lil piggie is from a children's picture book called "if you give a pig a pancake". do you know how hard it is to find pancake pictures online?!?! its near goshdarn impossible! took me forever and the best things i could find was a cuddly and cute little pig!

but here's the bookcover --> its really cute actually XD

ok then, baibai peoples, i'm off! (^_^)b

DD was eating pancakes w/s3Xy crew at 8:10 PM Link


hey there! this is the sexy crew webmaster, dandan bunny, and i'm testing the new layout right now! the links and stuff aren't up yet, but they'll be up in like, half an hour! just sit back and hang tight, till i got everything ready, then you guys decide whether you liked this layout, or the old layout more =)

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    || Thursday, November 01, 2001 || yumyumyum!

woooh! here's dx aka peach dropping by, saying that the comments are back to operating status! you kids have fun criticizing sataya and cinti's lives now =).

p.s: sublimal message... VOTE FOR DIVE! (ahhh ain't i subtle?)

ah, sowwie, but the old comments got wiped out i think... bleh i'll see if i can get them back up ^_^

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    || Tuesday, October 30, 2001 || yumyumyum!

Never gonna make
Dam dariam
Never let you down

oi i think there's something wrong with me... XD! bwahahaha... DIVE MUST WIN! DIVE MUST WIN! DIVE is the best song >=D sowwie, i just had to post that ^.^

DD was eating pancakes w/s3Xy crew at 1:00 PM Link

 pancakes yo =o

 up they go and down again!